11.1 GEN: Quality objectives
Last Approval by: Aleksandar S. Jovanovic, 4/Aug/19
Last Update by: Tal Rosen, 24/Jan/19

The quantifiable quality objectives of R-Tech/EU-VRi set by the top management for 2018/2019 are: 
  1. QUALITY OF PRODUCTS: Repairs and adjustment costs of R-Tech/EU-VRi products/services, required by the auditors/customers, have to be less then 3% of the project value
  2. QUALITY OF TRAINING: For training services, customer satisfaction should be kept on the level of "2/3 of 2/3"; meaning: 2/3 of customers/trainees should evaluate the training and 2/3 of them should evaluate the training as "good" or higher.
  3. QUALITY OF HUMAN RESOURCES: The achievement based on the supervisors' assessment of the employees' skills, availability and commitment for and to the job. On the company level achievement should be "2/3 of 2/3", i.e. 67% of the people achieving 67% of the marks. Evaluation to be done at least once a year and the results are to be communicated at the annual QMS meeting. Single results communicated exclusively to the respective employee and discussed with her/him in person. The format of the entry is as per table below:
Name  Proficiency
Total score
 John DOE  7  8  3  60%  John's commitment to the job leaves  space for improvement in the next year.

Proficiency: Higher for persons possessing or strongly engaged in acquiring new skills needed for the job.
Commitment: Higher for the persons showing visible and traceable commitment to the needs of the job.
Delivery: Higher for the persons who respect the QMS and routinely deliver as-needed by the job.



2018 results:

Source: \\RTECHSERVER2STIs_General\Projects\50001_QMS\Inputs\EmployeeScores\QMSEmployeeEvaluation_v02tr15012019.png