3.4 CEO - Chief Executive Officer (GENERAL)
Last Approval by: Aleksandar S. Jovanovic, 19/Jan/19
Last Update by: Negar Naghashzadeh, 6/Oct/15



The "CEO" in sense of this QMS is per default meant as the "CEO of the respective OU " In particular it means:


OU "Respective CEO" Responsible to:
1. STZ 592 Leiter STW - President
2. STI 889 Leiter SHB - President
3. STZ 1091 (closed 2011) Leiter STW - President
4. SU 1167 CEO EU-VRi President and EU-VRi Founding Members
5. SU 1190 Geschäftsführer Steinbeis R-Tech President and shareholders
6. R-Tech Group (Coordinator)
7. R-Tech and EU-VRi (Coordinator)

In special cases when the representation of the whole group is needed, the representation will be provided as per table above.

Responsible to: see table above

Manages / coordinates work of: All EMPs in the respective OU.