3.12 LEAR - Legal Entity Appointed Representative
Last Approval by: Aleksandar S. Jovanovic, 19/Jan/19
Last Update by: Negar Naghashzadeh, 6/Oct/15

The LEAR or Legal Entity Appointed Representative is a natural person appointed
by a legal signatory of a legal entity to perform on its behalf certain tasks in the
context of the legal entity's dealings with the Research DGs (RDGs) of the
Commission (DG RTD, DG INFSO, DG ENTR, and DG TREN).

Main duties and responsibilities

  • The LEAR provides the RDGs upon their request with up-to-date legal and financial data (including supporting documents) concerning the legal entity she/he represents. The LEAR enters the data through URF/PDM and the EC Central Validation Team (CVT) performs the validation after the data has been completed.
  • The LEAR engages his organisation to maintain and update regularly the legal and financial data held by the RDGs regarding his legal entity, thus enabling its use for contracting and other transactions between his legal entity and the RDGs.
  • The LEAR should regularly check the correctness of the available data in particular when he is aware of changes and of negotiations and other transactions ongoing.
  • The LEAR distributes the Participant Identification Code (PIC) to other employees in his legal entity who might need it in the context of dealings with the RDGs, for example for electronic submission of proposals or negotiation of grant agreements.