4.24 GenA - General Assembly
Last Approval by: Aleksandar S. Jovanovic, 19/Jan/19
Last Update by: Negar Naghashzadeh, 6/Oct/15

Definitions and Responsibilities

General Assembly is defined for different entities as indicated in the table below.


Entity Definition/Responsibilities Reference
EU Projects (e.g. FP7 Project iNTeg-Risk)
  • The General Assembly is the ultimate decsion-making body of a project Consortium.
  • The GenA is responsible for
    • follow-up of project progress.
    • Decision-making by voting of members.
    • Regular meetings, at least once a year.
see details in CA of FP7 Project iNTeg-Risk under http://www.integrisk.eu-vri.eu/filedown.aspx?file=1103
  • The General Assembly is composed of all the Members. The General Assembly is validly constituted if the quorum 50% plus one of the Members is reached.
  • Each Member is represented either by its legal representative or by “proxy”. The “proxy” shall hold a written power signed by the legal representative and be able to prove her/his identity to the “President”.
  • The General Assembly surveys all the matter connected to the Grouping's activities and suggests the way to achieve the objectives of the Grouping. The suggestions of the General Assembly are not binding.
see details in Statutes of EU-VRi EEIG under http://eu-vri.eu/filedown.aspx?file=1412

Responsible to: n/a

Manages / coordinates work of: EB , PCO