4.25 IAB - International Advisory Board
Last Approval by: Aleksandar S. Jovanovic, 19/Jan/19
Last Update by: Negar Naghashzadeh, 6/Oct/15


The International Advisory Board will consist of specialists and practitioners from industry and research community to comment and disseminate project progress/results. The IAB feedback will be obtained through brainstorming sessions and surveys through focus interview and/or questionnaires.

Main duties and responsibilities

  • The IAB will meet with the PCO at least once a year throughout the project duration.
  • Provide knowledge, existing data and experience on current and near term developments
  • Provide knowledge, existing data and experience on risk approach with emphasis on impact on quality at interface.
  • Provide guidance in the definition of proposed programs to ensure future applicability and maximum benefit to the industry.
  • Peer review progress and technical reports and provide technical advice/direction as required.
  • Attend technical and project reviews to provide comment and technical direction.

Responsible to:  PCO

Manages / coordinates work of: n/a