13.8 Recycling & environmental friendliness
Last Approval by: Sne┼żana Jovanovic, 19/Oct/17
Last Update by: Eduardo M. Schuch, 1/Sep/14

In order to be compliant with company policies and also to be "environmental friendly", you are kindly required to:


  • Avoid unnecessary printing
  • DO NOT re-use already printed sheets in normal printers - it damages the printers
  • Use printing options increasing effective use of the printing material (paper, toner, ...)  
  • Use the already printed sheets ("Schmierpapier" in German) for your handwritten notes
  • Separate the waste as foreseen by the "Hausordnung" of HDW
  • Feel free to suggest further measures which could improve the reduction of our "environmental footprint"

Responsible for: All EMPs.