14.3 Respect the communication conventions
Last Approval by: Sne┼żana Jovanovic, 19/Oct/17
Last Update by: Anabela Reis, 19/Oct/17

Respect the communication convention - it is not only politeness, it is also your responsibility, R-Tech/EU-VRi needs it! These are specified in detail in other parts of the QMS.


  • When naming files, use the shortest and meaningful name but still respecting the naming conventions.

Example: FileReport_v10aj14122009.doc is better than My_File_Report_14December2009_ver1_aj.doc (the reason for this is the Windows limitation of 256 character for THE WHOLE PATH, if longer the files cannot be copied any more)

Click here to find a detailed description on naming conventions.

Responsible for: All EMPs.