12.2 PMS
Last Approval by: Aleksandar S. Jovanovic, 19/Oct/17
Last Update by: Anabela Reis, 19/Oct/17

1. SPM - Structured Project Management

The main concept of Project Management System, PMS, applied in R-Tech/EU-VRi, is the concept of Structured Project Management (SPM). 

The main steps of SPM are:

  •  in the phase of analyzing and planning the project
  • Step 1: Define/visualize the goal; set your eyes on the prize
  • Step 2: Make a list of the jobs to be done (define tasks/work packages/subprojects...)
    • Step 3: Appoint a leader of the project
    • Step 4: Assign the people to jobs
    • Step 5: Manage expectations. Allow margin for error. Have a fallback position.
    •  in the phase of implementing the plan and managing the project
    • Step 6: Use of an appropriate leadership style
    • Step 7: Knowing what's going on
    • Step 8: Tell people what's going on
    • Step 9: Repeat steps 1 to 9
    • Step 10: The prize

    The methodologies details are provided by clicking the image.

    2. V-model

    The projects managed by R-Tech/EU-VRi use the standardized approach of  V-model (the German federal model, also USA has a government standard V-model) unless other arrangements with customers are made. 

    • Objective of V-modelImprovement and Guarantee of Quality - As a standardized process model, the V-Model ensures that the results to be provided are complete and have the desired quality. Defined interim results can be checked at an early stage. Uniform product contents will improve readability, understandability and verifiability.

    (Source: Wikipedia-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V-Model#Objectives)