12.4 KMS
Last Approval by: Aleksandar S. Jovanovic, 19/Oct/17
Last Update by: Eduardo M. Schuch, 1/Sep/14

R-Tech/EU-VRi uses Knowledge Management System (KMS), "Safetypedia". Safetypedia is web based software for collecting different types of documents (books, journals, reports, standards, laws and directives, conference proceedings...). It contains 100000+ documents and offers to the users search options by authors, subjects, publishers.

Safetypedia is accessible for all R-Tech/EU-VRi employees to upload new or download already existing documents and proper instructions (http://www.risk-technologies.com/home.aspx?lan=230&tab=156&itm=1004&pag=1023&nr=21) are provided to allow easy and comfortable work.