2.4 List of EU and international legal documents influencing our products/services
Last Approval by: Simon Zimmer, 29/Sep/15
Last Update by: Negar Naghashzadeh, 24/Sep/15

According to its mission, EU-VRi/R-Tech focuses on the safety and health of the workers, the protection of the environment, the prevention of major accidents, the protection of critical infrastructures and the resilience of the society in case of disaster. Since safety and risk management are very much linked to risk acceptance, EU-VRi/R-Tech is also addressing corporate social responsibility, business continuity and the application of the precautionary principle.

The following links give an overview of the main EU directives which are important for EU-VRi/R-Tech.:

Health and safety of the workers

Prevention of major accidents

 Protection of the environment (reduction of pollutions and emissions)

Protection of critical infrastructures

Access to environmental information and public participation in environmental decision-making

Non-financial reporting (safety, environment, CSR)

In addition to these texts, several experts from EU-VRi are involved in REACH regulation and in CLP.

Besides the main directives, the following international standards are in the scope of EU-VRi/R-Tech:

All together EU-VRi /R-Tech is concerned by quite a number of directives that are directly related to industrial safety and risk management with potential impact for the workers, the environment, the economy and therefore the whole society.