4.5 SWOT analysis for EU-VRi/R-Tech



  • ever increasing international importance of EU-VRi/R-Tech (EU and international level) - involvement into the standardization work in the area: ISO PC262 and TC292 (ISO 31000 standard), European Norm (EN) for RBI Risk-Based Inspection
  • balanced portfolio of projects (industry and EU: 40% of industry project in EU-VRi and over 65% of industry projects in R-Tech)
  • audited and stress-proven Quality Management, Project Management, Financial Management and HR/Customer Relationship Management


  • constraints pertinent to the legal form of the company (EEIG) leading to many constraints in therms of risk preparedness and mitigation (somtimes complicated decision - ways)
  • strong need to consider single founding member's interest in the day-to-day operation of EU-VRi/R-Tech (limiting the freedom in more challenging businesses)
  • low level of fixed assets in the portfolio and the respective dependance on the project financing which is often volatile and unstable


  • to increase EU-VRi/R-Tech broker's role in international project (as in EuropeAid)
  • to increase activities as Operating Agent of interest groups active in Horizon 2020 of the EU
  • to strengthen the position as European "knowledge manager" in the area of risks, especially emerging risks related to new technologies



  • changes in EU financing (e.g. lower investment into risk related topics in the Horizon 2020) or difficulties related to the current regulation (e.g. the built-in cash-flow problem related to the end of FP-7 and H2020 projects)
  • disagreement and lack of consensus among the founding members (related to operation)
  • increased competition n the area of risk management in general