This chapter details the context of the QMS and how the R-Tech group & EU-VRi’s business strategy supports this. The ‘context of the organization’ is the clause that underpins the application of the ISO 9001:2015 standard in R-Tech group and EU-VRi. It gives an organization the opportunity to identify and understand the factors and parties in their environment that support the quality management system.

The chapter defines external and internal issues that are relevant to its purpose, i.e. what are the relevant issues, both inside and out, that have an impact on what the organization does, or that would affect its ability to achieve the intended outcome(s) of the quality management system. The term “issue” covers not only problems but also important topics for the management system to address, such as any market assurance and governance goals of the R-Tech group and EU-VRi.

The chapter identifies the “interested parties” that are relevant to the QMS. These groups include shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, and even pressure group