4.1 Understanding the organization and its context; what is understood as “context”?

Main objective of the Steinbeis R-Tech and EU-VRi Group is:

"To be among the leaders and global players in the area of Risk & Resilience Management"

The above goal practically means that the works of the Group are duly referenced in the area and the Group involved in the major international and, in particular, European initiatives, projects and project partners in the area of Risk & Resilience (see the list of projects at R-Tech and EU-VRi respective pages).

The main external issues relevant for the R-Tech group and EU-VRi are:

  1. General rules and regulation in dealing with partners and customers (e.g. the new GDPR regulation in EU)
  2. Requirements coming from the customers and partners (e.g. the regulation applied to the Hungarian police participating in some of the R-Tech group and EU-VRi projects
  3. Newly developed technical requirements applicable to projects and products of the R-Tech group and EU-VRi (e.g. new standards such as EN16991 for RBI)

The most important internal issues would be achieving and maintaining the satisfaction of “viability criteria” for:

  1. Financial operation (e.g. the EU “SOLVENCY financial viability” checks)
  2. HR management (e.g. ensuring formal and functional qualifications of all employees as required by the projects)
  3. Organizational (e.g. for having the possibility to participate in projects targeting SMEs, inter-regional or other specific targets

In this context, it is important to:

  1. Analyze and be aware of the R-Tech group and EU-VRi strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats (SWOT) that arise from the context; and 
  2. Ensure monitoring and review

The SWOT table is monitored and reviewed as needed and is provided in Chapter 4.5.