4.2 Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties

R-Tech Group and EU-VRi operate in a complex environment which give rise to a variety of "interested parties"; the entities which were identified to potentially have any major effect on the companies' ability to provide their services/products are summarized in the table below:

Needs and expectations of Interested parties


· expect excellent quality and customer care/ service

· expect long-term relationships

· Customers often need product development and technical customization



· Timely payment

· Relationship Management


· Good working conditions

· Salaries and benefits

· training

· Promotion / Career Development


· Compliance with legal regulations

· protection of the rights of employees

· Safe work environment in terms of health and safety

Banks / Investors

· Paying for repayments and interest in time

· advice on important financial decisions (e.g. investments)


· Technical support

· presale support

· Training (technical and commercial)


· Information about technology

· Information on pricing

· Information about management

European Commission / National funding bodies

· Reporting as part of the project

· High quality research

· Use of their specific procedures and templates (e.g. EC portal)

· Dissemination of results and activities


Steinbeis Headquarters

· Expect monthly/annual reporting

· use of their procedures and templates

· Promoting the Steinbeis Network

· Payment of Network fees