4.3 Determining the scope of the quality management system

The R-Tech Group has created and documented the QMS according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and applies it in all single units in all business activities. The processes required for QM and their application within the R-Tech Group were identified as well as their required interactions, criteria and methods for controlling these processes. They are described as part of the Quality Manual and referred to in the instructions and procedures.

Apart from general management procedures, a number of written procedures are provided for:
- Product Development (including software development)
- Product Realization (IT, industrial, international, European, national)
- Project Management
- Sales (procurement and sales)
- Service and support
- Training internal/external

The R-Tech Group management is responsible for ensuring that the quality control and assurance is an integral part of all procedures. Compliance with the QMS, the implementation of measures to achieve planned results and continuous improvement is part of the management responsibility.



Article 7.1.5 in not applicable for the R-Tech/EU-VRi operations as these do not require and therefore do not have calibration tools and the procedures for their maintenance and control.