6.1 Actions to address risks and opportunities

Note: R-Tech/EU-VRi deviates slightly from the approach towards risk and opportunity presented in ISO 9001. Instead, R-Tech/EU-VRi views “uncertainty” as neutral, but defines “risk” as a negative effect of uncertainty, and “opportunity” as a positive effect of uncertainty. R-Tech/EU-VRi has elected to manage risks and opportunities separately, except where they may overlap. Formal threat management may not be utilized in all instances; instead, the level of risk assessment, analysis, treatment and record keeping will be performed to the level deemed appropriate for each circumstance or application.

R-Tech/EU-VRi considers risks and opportunities when taking actions within the management system, as well as when implementing or improving the management system; likewise, these are considered relative to products and services. Risks and opportunities are identified as part of the SWOT analysis for EU-VRi/R-Tech, as well as throughout all other activities of the QMS.

Risks and opportunities are managed in accordance with the Corrective and Preventive Measures, which defines how risks are managed in order to minimize their likelihood and impact, and how opportunities are managed to improve their likelihood and benefit.

The relevant entries can be found in the links bellow:
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