6.2 Quality objectives and planning to achieve them

As part of the adoption of the process approach, R-Tech/EU-VRi utilizes its process objectives, as discussed in article 4.4, as the main quality objectives for the QMS. These include overall product-related quality objectives; additional product-related quality objectives may be defined in work instructions or customer requirements.

The process objectives have been developed in consideration that they:

a)    be consistent with the quality policy;

b)    be measurable;

c)    take into account applicable requirements;

d)    be relevant to conformity of products and services and to enhancement of customer satisfaction;

e)    be monitored;

f)     be communicated;

g)    be updated as appropriate.

Process quality objectives are defined in the minutes of management review per section 9.3 below.

The quality objectives and how they are to measured are presented in the quality policy .