7.1 Resources


R-Tech/EU-VRi determines and provides the resources needed:

a)    to implement and maintain the management system and continually improve its effectiveness
b)     to enhance customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements

Resource allocation is done with consideration of the capability and constraints on existing internal resources, as well as needs related to supplier expectations.

Resources and resource allocation are assessed during management reviews.

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R-Tech/EU-VRi senior management ensures that it provides sufficient staffing for the effective operation of the management system, as well its identified processes.

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Training Plan

Personnel Responsibility per Project



R-Tech/EU-VRi management is responsible for ensuring that buildings, workspaces, associated utilities, process equipment (both hardware and software), and supporting services (such as transport or communication) are sufficient to support product conformity. 
The main infrastructure is the IT one which is key for all activities of R-Tech/EU-VRi. The full list of project web sites is available as well as the list of software packages being used in projects.

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Environment for the operation of processes

R-Tech/EU-VRi management determines and manages the work environment to ensure product conformity. Areas used for administration, operations, development and storage of products/documents shall be clean, safe and organized.

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Monitoring and measuring resources 

Outside of measuring personnel performance, calibration monitoring is not applicable for R-Tech/EU-VRi.

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