15.2 PROC-ENG: Customer-Related Processes
Last Approval by: Jörg Michael Bareiß, 19/Oct/17
Last Update by: Stefan Husta, 18/Oct/17

  1. Determination of Requirements Related to the Product

R-Tech/EU-VRi determines the following:


  • the requirements specified by the customer, including the requirements for delivery and post-delivery activities
  • the requirements not stated by the customer but necessary for specified or intended use, where such are known
  • statutory and regulatory requirements related to the product
  • any additional requirements determined by the organization

  1. Review of Requirements Related to the Product

R-Tech/EU-VRi reviews the requirements related to the product prior to contracting with a customer and ensures that:


  • product requirements are defined
  • contract or order requirements differing from those previously expressed are resolved
  • the defined requirements can be achieved

R-Tech/EU-VRi maintains records of the results of reviews and actions arising from the review.

R-Tech/EU-VRi confirms product requirements with the customer when no documented statement is provided and ensures that relevant documents are amended and relevant personnel are notified of any changes or modifications.


  1. Customer Communication

R-Tech/EU-VRi reviews and implements effective methods of communicating with customers in relation to product information, enquiries, contracts or order handling, including amendments, customer feedback and customer complaints.