Mr. Aleksandar S. Jovanovic
Since 2001, he is the director of the Steinbeis Transfer Center Advanced Risk Technologies in Stuttgart, Germany providing consultancy in the areas of risk assessment and management for industry and public sector. As from 2006 is also the CEO of European Virtual Institute for Integrated Risk Management (EU-VRi) and the EU Project Director at ZIRIUS (Research Center for Interdisciplinary Risk and Innovation Studies at the University of Stuttgart), teaching the courses in the area of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Risk. His previous teaching assignments were in France (École Polytechnique, lecturer, director of research), Japan (University of Tokyo, guest lecturer), USA (La Jolla), VTT Finland (visiting professor) and other countries.

He has worked in industry (e.g. in USA), for The European Community (e.g. in Italy) and for the universities (e.g. the University of Stuttgart, Germany). He also acted as Seconded National Expert (Germany) with the EU in Brussels, Belgium, Directorate-General Research – Industrial Technologies and Materials.

A. Jovanovic has a long-year professional experience as project manager of many (50+) large international/multinational projects in the area innovation management, new technologies, emerging risk management, structured project management, advanced data analysis and data mining, and related areas.

Ms. Snežana Jovanovic
Deputy Director

Medical Doctor (1979), M. Sc. (1982), Specialist in Hygiene and Microbiology (1986), Ph. D. (1995). During the period 1980 – 1991 she worked at Institute for Health Protection of Serbia (Belgrade, Yugoslavia), Department of public health and Environmental Hygiene (U.S.S.L. 2, Cittiglio, Italy), Institute of Hygiene at the Medical School of the University of Milan (Italy), Institute of Hygiene, Univ. of Tübingen (Germany).
Since 1992 she is employed at the State Health Agency Stuttgart, Germany. The main topics of her work are:
- Risk assessment and monitoring of health effects associated with chemical and biological environmental and occupational pollution.
- Participation in Environmental Health Surveillance System in Baden-Württemberg, Germany (continuous survey since 1992).
- Planning and performing of projects related to heavy metals, THM´s in swimming pools, tar based parquet adhesive, biological agents (moulds, mites), and noise. Leader and manager of information activities and projects "Indoor Leisure Noise" and “Mites, moulds and co”.
- Participation in the EU project NNGL (Night time Noise Guideline) co-ordinated by WHO.
- Participation in ECOHEIS project for the development of indicators to describe the environment status (noise) for the Budapest Conference of the European Health and Environment Ministries (2004).
- Participation in WHO project “Burden of disease from environmental noise”.
- Performing of “Hazardous materials register” and chemical data sheets for 10 laboratories in State Health Agency.
- Providing consultancy for the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and public health departments in Baden-Württemberg as well as for other authorities, specialist and public in the matters of public health.
- Organization and leading of courses in the field of occupational and environmental medicine

November 2006 onwards, part time: Leading of EU-VRi Management Office. European Virtual Institute for Integrated Risk Management EU-VRi Stuttgart is an EEIG = European Economic Interest Grouping (

April 2002 onwards, part time: Support in the leading of Steinbeis Transfer Centres Advanced Risk Technologies ( Consultancy in the areas of health risk assessment associated with chemical and biological environmental and occupational pollution. Health risk assessment of new technologies.

Mr. Somik Chakravarty
Project Manager
Dr. Parva Chhantyal
Project Manager

Dr. Parva Chhantyal graduated from The University of Manchester, England with a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering in 2013. She then moved to Hannover University, Germany to pursue her PhD degree in Nanotechnology. During her PhD, she also held Research Assistant position at Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. Her work experience and PhD specialized in understanding the optical properties of Nano-materials. Since completing her PhD in November 2017, she is working at Steinbeis R-Tech and part-time at European Virtual Institute for Integrated Risk Management for Industrial and European funded Projects as a Project Manager. She is in charge of the caLIBRAte, BIO4SELF and RessFAST projects. Her work responsibilities include, life-cycle assessment of the productions in co-operation with different industrial partners as well as the risk analysis of nanomaterials. 

Her areas of interest are Chemical Engineering, Nanotechnology, Bio-materials, sustainability, life-cycle assessment and project management.

Mr. Marjan Jelic
CIO & IT Specialist

Marjan Jelic is a software developer with more than 20 years’ experience in web, application and back-end development. Since September 2016, he works as a CIO & IT Specialist and Support in IT department of the Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies in Stuttgart Germany. His responsibilities are software solutions (tools) in SmartResilience, cALIBRAte, ENCIRCLE, PANBioRA and SILICOFCM projects. Before, he has been a member of team in ResiStand and RiskRadar China project. Marjan Jelic holds a Bachelor of Science degree (B.Sc) in Computer Science from the University of Novi Sad (Faculty of Technical Science in Zrenjanin), Serbia.

Ms. Shannon Macika
Project Manager Technical Team Member (Projektmitarbeiterin)
Shannon Macika joined EU-VRi in October 2018 as a Trainee and is currently a Technical Team Member (Projektmitarbeiterin) working for EU-VRi/R-Tech on SmartResilience and other EU H2020 projects, primarily assisting with project dissemination, education, and related activities. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Health & Societies from the University of Pennsylvania (United States, 2014) and graduated in summer 2019 with a Master of Public Health (MPH) from George Washington University (United States) with focuses in the areas of health policy and program planning and evaluation. Prior to joining EU-VRi, Shannon worked for the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as a Public Health Associate on assignment to the Environmental Health office at the Virginia Department of Health (Richmond, VA, United States).
Ms. Vanessa Pfau
Senior Project Manager
Vanessa Pfau is one of the Directors of Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies Africa Pty Ltd. In addition, she is employed by the Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies Group (EU-VRi and R-Tech) as a Senior Project Manager in the area of International Industrial Projects, European and National Research Projects and in the field of training and higher education. The activities of the Group involve projects and activities on industrial, national, EU, and international level, tackling, e.g. integrated management of risk related to new technologies, resilience and related standardization activities,  and governance and regulatory aspects of risks. Since 2017 Ms. Pfau is part of the EU-VRi Executive Board.

Ms. Pfau is involved in the activities of the Steinbeis University Berlin, Transfer Institute Advanced Risk Technologies, which is offering Training and Certification in the area of Risk Engineering and Management. Ms. Pfau was responsible for implementing certification courses in European countries, as well as in South Africa and China, in cooperation with local Universities and Industry. More than 900 certificates of successful training have been provided to South African participants in the past years.

Previously she was engaged by the Department of Environmental Sociology and Technology Assessment of the University of Stuttgart and the National Aeronautics and Space Research Centre of Germany (Department of Systems Analysis and Technology Assessment). Ms. Pfau attained a Master’s Degree in „Empirical Political and Social Research and Analysis” with a focus on Sociology of Risks and Technology.

Mr. Tal Rosen
Project Manager
Tal Rosen has worked for many years as a process and quality manager for several successful industrial manufacturers and their supply chains; recently, he started focusing on risk management and standardization. In the past two years, he is part of the SmartResilience project, taking part in both research and technical efforts and is currently the main coordinator for the applications of the project in its various case studies.