System architecture and Interface
The system is built from various modules available implementing different levels of details of data analysis, integrated using “Intelligent interface module” – “Expert shell”, that allows interaction between modules within the system, as well as interface to other (external) systems.

The main features of the system are that it is:
  • Modular
  • Integrated
  • Open for integration/interface with additional modules
There are three general interfaces foreseen for the system:
  1. Interface to the plant system (e.g. CAD),
  2. Interface to the Business monitoring system(s) (e.g. SAP)
  3. Interface to other RCM, RBI and other systems
Main data exchange format within modules inside the system is XML, which allows flexible data exchange and easy data presentation in various forms, including web-based interfaces.

Additionally, Excel data format exchange is standard among all modules. For each particular interface, i.e. CAD, SAP, other RCM/RBI modules, format of interface is subject to further detailed specification as each of the system might require particular proprietary format (i.e. dxf file format for CAD systems, Excel for BV’s RBI/RCM system).
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